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Baby led Weaning

Child’s autonomy develops immediately, getting sel confidence in his own skills.
As parents you have the arduous task of encouraging this slow process with patience and love. Parents must be placed in a central position and the operators’ role is to provide information based on scientific evidence, in this way they can independently make informed, appropriate and safe choices.

The World Health Organization (1997 AAP; 2001 WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding until the sixth month of the baby’s life.

  • At what age does weaning begin?
  • What foods should he eat initially? Will the pediatrician be able to advise me?
  • What advantages does gradual weaning have?
  • What time of day is best to start?

It is good to choose a quiet moment of the day, even if the ideal would be at the table with the whole family. Everyone eat together and everyone eats healthier thanks to the child.

What we should offer at the beginning?

There are a lot of false myths regarding the introduction of solid foods, which very often encourage parents to accelerate this transition.

What is Baby led Weaning?

It is the most natural, healthy and respectful way of evolving nutrition without trauma and without interrupting breastfeeding;
it means enjoying peaceful meals in harmony with the whole family; it is leaving everything in its time; it’s all about eating healthier; it means respect the baby, his choices, his tastes, his satiety.

The course includes a theorical part and a practical part which will allow you to prepare some basic recipes together.
We will talk about how to introduce solid foods without the use of baby food, smoothies and special foods.
The goal to be achieved will be to make every mother aware and confident of the skills of their little ones!

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