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About Us

Daniela De Angelis

I’m a midwife since 2018. I work in Rome where I deal with natural birth, especially home births.
In 2010 I became IBCLC, (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), to give valid support after childbirth, just when you need it most.
I’m a mother, my twins were born at hospital with a natural birth (achieved thanks to my great determination I dept inside) and after many vicissitudes I could breastfeed them exclusively; after 6 years I delivered with an home water birth a baby girl, having my most fulfilling experience as woman and mother… having all family in the bed after birth is priceless!!
Midwife’s role has always been to support women in their choices so that they can live the experience of childbirth with success and gratification and this is the goal that I pursue every day in my professional life.
I work with women throughout their lives: from conception to the first year of the child's life, menarche, adolescence, menopause, sexuality, contraception, prevention.
I promote and support the women’s and baby’s health, respecting physiology and letting both express their innate skills.
Together with my colleagues we built Zoè, the home of all women and their families, where you can receive our support for every need.

Sara Battaglia

I’m a midwife since 2009.
A job that revolutionizes my life.
Since 2014 I’m Baby massage Teacher and a pregnancy and neonatal aquatics teacher.
I’ve always spent my worktime with prenatal classes and breastfeeding support.
I worked in a public hospital until 2015 and since 2016 I founded Zoè with my colleagues.
In 2017, It became Casa Maternità, a welcoming place of sharing, respect and freedom of choice, fundamental requirements to preserve woman’s health , during pregnancy, birth and post partum.
I specialize in placental medicine and postpartum rebozo.
Now independently, but with perfect teamwork with my colleagues, I follow pregnancies welcoming newborns at home and in Casa Maternità Zoè.
In 2018 I delivered my son Diego, born in Casa Maternità with a highly respected Lotus birth.

Karin De Lucia

I believe that becoming a mother is a period full of meanings and important changes in every woman's life.
Women need to be respected in their choices, accompanied by personalized assistance in order to listen and understand their needs, and finally be supported with empathy and professionalism.
For these reasons I have always found working as a freelancer fascinating and satisfying, as it allows me to get to know the woman in her entirety, allowing for continuity of care.
I became a midwife in December 2011 with 110 cum laude, carrying a thesis on the positive outcomes of continuity of obstetric care, starting from pregnancy up to the puerperium, taking the "Acqua Luce" birth center in Ostia as a model.
In 2012 New Zealand calls and I decide to venture to the other side of the world. Two intense years that allowed me to broaden my personal and professional horizons, knowing a type of midwifery I had never seen before: complete, respectful and totally centered on the woman, working at the "River Ridge East Birthing Centre".
Having returned to Italy in 2014, I started my freelance career assisting home births, very sure about the type of assistance I want to offer women and the midwife I want to be.
In 2018 I began the two-year training course led by Verena Schimd at the elementary school of Midwifery oriented to keep health and physiology during birth event and continuity of care.
I started collaborating with the Casa Maternità Zoè more assiduously in 2021 after years of parallel paths and occasional collaborations.
From January 2023 I also become an IBCLC consultant to support women and newborns with breastfeeding difficulties.
I offer obstetric assistance during pregnancy, labour, birth and puerperium at home, in Casa Maternità and in private clinics.

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