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Capire e rispettare i bisogni di base della donna in travaglio.
Valorizzare le competenze innate di madre e bambino.
Rispettare i tempi normali per ognuna.
Sostenere le donne nelle loro scelte.
Percorrere insieme la gravidanza.
Ascoltare e non giudicare.
Saper essere.
Lasciar fare.

We assist the birth where woman chooses. The place that she considers to be safest for herself and her baby: at home, in the Birth center / Casa Maternità, in private clinics, at hospital, in water and of course in the position she feels most confortable.
We never separate the baby from mother and the cord is not immediately cut.
Breastfeeding is always supported .
The ultimate goal is to give the woman, her partner and her baby the opportunity to experience birth the way they want.

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