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Fathers’ Group

“Papà, la tua guida come una mano sulla mia spalla resterà con me per sempre … “

A free space just for men, yet or future fathers, where they can share their thoughts freely, exchange emotions that are too often put aside.
We want guarantee continuity and welcome with monthly meetings scheduled from time to time by the group, accompanying parents during one of the most important moments of life.

Here you are some themes:

  • Attachment parenting
  • breast-feeding
  • What is the role of the father during labor and childbirth?
  • How is it better to bring the baby? Headband, baby carrier, stroller…
  • Vaccines yes? Vaccines no? What responsibility!
  • How and where will we welcome our child?
  • The places of childbirth: home, maternity home, clinic, hospital, birth center?
  • What does safety mean to me?
  • The revival of sexuality

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